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Hard Enamel Coins

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Popular Hard Enamel Coins

The process used for hard enamel coins is also used to make jewelry, vases, and high-end decorative crafts. So the quality of these custom coins is comparable to jewelry, with a flat and smooth surface with sparkles. These custom challenge coins cost is higher than normal custom made coins, but the final effect is definitely worth the money.

We provide free designs and quotes for all custom challenge coins, bring your ideas and make your own challenge coin handle.

Fabrication Options

Plating Finishes

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Hard Enamel Coins We Made


Hard Enamel Coins VS Soft Enamel Coins

Why Choose
Hard Enamel Coins?

The surface is smooth and flat
For simple designs
High glossy finish
Only bright metal plating can be used
Hard Enamel Coins VS Soft Enamel Coins

Why Choose
Soft Enamel Coins?

The surface is the bumpy touch
For complex designs
Diffuse glossy effect
Metal plating and dyeing processes can be used

Questions About Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

Q: Can I make glowing challenge coins?

Sure, you can add luminous powder, glitter powder, rhinestones, etc. to make your challenge coins more eye-catching when designing custom metal coins.

Q: Which is better, hard enamel coin or soft enamel coin?

Hard enamel and soft enamel are just two different processes, both look good and have their own advantages. Which one you choose is entirely up to your personal aesthetic and needs.

Q: I only need one custom coin, do you accept it?

Of course, we provide custom coins no minimum. Whether it is a small order of one challenge coin or a large order of 1,000 challenge coins, we will produce and serve them carefully.


start with 1 pc

Start with 1 pc

Small business is always
welcome here

direct deal

Direct Deal

Quality Guarantee with as low
as 30% discount

free design

Free Design

Professional artwork with
unlimited revisions

easy ordering

Easy Ordering

Convenient quote system
is easier and save time

free shipping

Free Shipping

Shipping is always free with
Fast turnaround

enjoyable shopping

Enjoyable Shopping

Worry-free returns, warm and
thoughtful service

Ready To Create Custom Hard Enamel Challenge Coins?


You can choose the details and options you need in our online quotation system, such as coin size, plating, etc. to make up the best enamel coins you want, and we will provide a quote online while you complete all options. You can also create hard enamel challenge coins through our online design system and email them to us.


After receiving your email, we will make your coin design into a digital proof within 24 hours, and send it to you by email together with the quotation information. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with this, we will modify it for free at any time until you are satisfied.


We won't start producing your challenge coins custom until you approve your design. We commit to producing every custom coin with care and arrange free air shipping to every state in the United States.


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