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Custom Military Challenge Coins

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Military Challenge Coins

Challenge coins specially designed for the army, navy, air force, etc. are military challenge coins. These custom coins are not simple souvenirs, but a symbol of honor and status, also an affirmation and reward to the soldiers. Military coins are usually carried by U.S. military personnel and are engraved with the unique emblem and totem of the regiment or battalion to easily identify the military service unit, and the specific item name records the outstanding contribution of the owner of this military challenge coin.

As a professional coin maker, we provide military groups with custom military coins of weight and quality that reflect the gallantry and integrity of the military.

Military Challenge Coins Branches

nigerian army challenge coins

Army Challenge Coins

● The Army Challenge Coin is a custom coin with the insignia and items of a specific squadron or unit of the U.S. Army

Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force Challenge Coins

● Design Challenge Coins based on a specific Air Force squadron emblem or totem, and serve as proof of identity upon receipt of the challenge.

Navy Challenge Coins

Navy Challenge Coins

● Respect tradition and offer the Navy a truly unique reward by using Navy Captains, Anchors, or other Navy-related insignias in the U.S. Navy Challenge Coins.

Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Marine Corps Challenge Coins

● The custom challenge coin is engraved with the Blue Star of the Marine Corps, a symbol of glory for this elite defense force.

Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Coast Guard Challenge Coins

● Custom Challenge Coins that generate great pride in the owner can be awarded to the Coast Guard protecting homeland security and the nation's waters.

Military Coins Personalized Design Drafts

We can provide AI design for your artworks free of charge for customizing your products.

Popular Military Challenge Coins Design Drafts

Army Challenge Coins Design Drafts

Army Challenge Coins

Order From 1Pc

As low as: $1.925/pc

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Navy Challenge Coins Design Drafts

Navy Challenge Coins

Order From 1Pc

As low as: $1.925/pc

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Air Force Challenge Coins Design Drafts

Air Force Challenge Coins

Order From 1Pc

As low as: $1.925/pc

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Marine Corps Coins Design Drafts

Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Order From 1Pc

As low as: $1.925/pc

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Coast Guard Challenge Coins Design Drafts

Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Order From 1Pc

As low as: $1.925/pc

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Questions About Military Challenge Coins

Q: I don't have the artwork, can you translate my idea into a design?

Of course, we have a team of professional designers who will make blueprints for you for free, even if you only have an idea for military coins.

Q: Do I have to order Challenge Coins in bulk?

No, we support no minimum order quantities, and even if all you need is a custom challenge coin, we take it seriously.

Q: Is it possible to return it for free?

Yes, if you find that the product you received has quality problems, please contact our customer service to apply for return processing. Please read Privacy and Policies for detailed refund terms.

Military Challenge Coins Display

nawcwd military coins
vet-center military challenge coins
us navy challenge coins
kuwait air force challenge coins
clb453 marine corps challenge coins
backbone army challenge coins
infantry regiment military coins
kunsan air force challenge coins


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Start with 1 pc

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Ready To Create Military Challenge Coins


You can choose the details and options you need in our online quotation system, such as coin size, plating, etc. to make up the best military challenge coins you want, and we will provide them online while you complete all options. Quote. You can also create a challenge coin through our online design system and email it to us.


After receiving your email, we will make your coin design into a digital proof within 24 hours, and send it to you by email together with the quotation information. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with this, we will modify it for free at any time until you are satisfied.


We won't start producing your challenge coins military until you approve your design. We commit to producing every custom coin with care and arrange free air shipping to every state in the United States.


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